Smooth And Comfortable: The Handling Of The New Hyundai Kona

Here at Roswell Hyundai, our customers often ask us to recommend a vehicle that can provide a smooth and comfortable drive. Of course, our answer is almost always the same - the Hyundai Kona. As well as offering all of the practicality and reliability that Hyundai is known for, this small SUV also features some of the best handling of any vehicle in its class.

Here at Roswell Hyundai, our staff members have been especially excited about the Kona's motor-driven power steering system. This feature provides a much quieter and more efficient steering experience than a traditional hydraulic system by reducing drag on the powertrain.

For city drivers, the Kona is both quick and agile - perfect for those tight turns. Its long wheelbase, wide track, and short overhangs combine to improve the vehicle's linear stability and enhance ride comfort.



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